The Your Friend in Need Health shop & Wellbeing centre in Doringkloof mall, Centurion was opened in September 2012 with the intention to give to as many people as possible of all ages as well as their pets, access to effective, high quality natural, homeopathic and herbal products to enable their bodies to prevent and overcome all kinds of diseases in order to be able to enjoy a high quality life.


Your Friend in Need Health  is currently the owners of the Sir Jason Winters agency in South Africa.  You can either order Sir Jason Winters products to be couriered to you or you can visit our health shop in Doringkloof Mall, Centurion, Gauteng.

Before obtaining the Sir Jason Winter’s agency for South Africa, we came across the Sir Jason Winters’ story. We were impressed by Sir Jason Winters’ positive attitude and his fighting spirit, as well as the positive feedback from many people who have used his products. 

Normally a person who received a message of being terminally ill, goes through a range of emotions before he/she decides what to do and what not to do about his /her  disease.  In the process he/she either does nothing about the disease or  just go through the motions when it comes to the treatment prescribed to them, but then …… also find people like Sir Jason Winters who decided to take control of his life and who did something about his disease.  If you as the reader of this page is currently trying to deal with a serious disease, chances are good that you are one of the people who has hope that you can do something about your disease.

Faith in God and a positive attitude are undeniably the strongest weapons to be used when faced with a life threatening disease.  We can trust God to intervene supernaturally or  help us find the best solutions for the illness we need to defeat.  People are different, the causes of illnesses are different and therefore the solutions may be different. 

If you did not read the inspiring Sir Jason Winters’ story on the official Sir Jason Winters website yet, you can do it on this website by selecting “testimonials” from the Sir Jason Winters’ tab.  You can also buy and electronic copy of the book, “The Sir Jason Winter story, killing cancer”, order the book from us or buy it  from our health shop in the Doringkloof mall, Centurion where it is currently available to our health shop customers at a discounted price.


The more we do research in terms of the healing properties and  health benefits of alternative health products, the more amazed we are about the variety available and the effectiveness thereof, supported by a vast number of testimonies gathered from real people in real life situations over many years.  Testimonies from our current clients encourage us and further strengthen our faith in the effectiveness of the products we sell.

Because many people do not only suffer physically, but also emotionally and spiritually, we also offer Deep Level Emotional Therapy which assist people to get rid of emotional and spiritual problems which reduce their quality of life. 

Our vision is to expand the current shop in terms of variety of products and services we offer and also open more shops where there is a need for it.  We are also willing arrange for the delivery of products when required.