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This is nature’s anti-biotic but without the side-effects. It may strengthen the immune system and may also aid the body in destroying fungi, viruses and bacteria.
Olive leaf may promote and maintain healthy blood lipid levels and cardiovascular function. It may alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis, respiratory conditions and tiredness. It may prevent viruses from causing infection and their ability to replicate.
It may be effective in treatment of the following:  Rhinovirus (flu and colds), Herpes simplex virus (cold sores and fever blisters), Meningitis, Acne, Skin infections, may lower blood pressure and cholesterol.
May act as anti-inflammatory against gout and arthritis and may inhibit the growth of many cancers.

If using Warfarin, please consult your health practitioner.

Adults: Start with 1 capsule, twice per day, after meals. Increase to 2 to 6 capsules in severe cases. Children: Take 1 capsule twice per day after meals. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.