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Miracle Magnesium Oil is a special form of Magnesium. This liquid Magnesium is the best for intestinal absorption. Magnesium Chloride fights infection. Our product surpasses conventional supplements in tablet form in that it contains bio-available elemental Magnesium. This aids in the absorption of the Magnesium and make it a superior product. Conventional supplements may not supply the sufficient amount of Magnesium that our bodies require. Magnesium is essential for lowering and stabilizing acidity. An acidic body creates an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi and viruses to prosper.

Use Miracle Magnesium Oil For:

  • Blood Clots
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes

Contains: Magnesium and purified water

Adults: Mix 2ml into 250ml of water and drink twice per day. Gradually increase to a maximum of 5ml in 250ml of water twice per day.