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A Story Of Hope From Sandy McConville - Boyers, PA.

Dear friends...

This week both my mother and my close friend's mother were given clean bills of health by their stunned doctors. Both were given absolutely terminal diagnoses last winter, both with two types of advanced cancer (colon and ovarian, and esophageal and stomach, respectively). Both had perfect blood work (including cancer markers, one of which dropped from 500 to 0.7) after beginning the Jason Winters Original Blend tea, but before any conventional treatment. Neither ever had one mechanical symptom of disease after beginning the tea. Both breezed through chemo and appeared cancer-free after three months. (My mother ran out of tea for a week after one month of chemo and XRT, at the end of which she could not eat for three days, could not look at food, cried and threw up constantly. We thought she was going to die, and she wanted to. She couldn't look at food or even water, but when I brought some JW tea she drank a full cup, suddenly became hungry and ate everything I brought her. Her appetite has never diminished since, or her ability to enjoy anything she wants.)

Today after one-year look-see surgery, my friend's mom's doctor said, "I have never, ever, in 30 years of practice, seen a healing like this." Not only was there no sign of cancer, but there wasn't a scar or any other sign of previous surgery. He couldn't find where he had removed part of her colon. He had no idea where to biopsy. He even used the word "miracle." Her blood cancer marker is still 0.7, far below "normal," another first for her doctor. (After only two months of conventional therapy, this doc had said, "Lady, you are looking at a cure.")

My mother's endoscopy this week was virtually identical. Her doctors said there was no sign she ever had cancer, no scarring from radiation: nothing. They were equally stunned. We weren't! We knew all along they were healed. Several doctors again used the word "miracle."

It was prayer and faith first, of course, and the miraculous tea.

I work as a medical transcriptionist, and it breaks my heart to transcribe one story after another of devastating diagnosis, sad decline and untimely death. The guilt is hard to deal with. I know about something I'm convinced would alleviate their suffering and most likely restore their health. I want to tell the world, but feel the need to be very careful to avoid getting the medical community up in arms. Our mothers' docs knew they were drinking the tea, knew how we felt about it, nearly fell over when they examined them, but did they ask one question about the tea? No, and we didn't offer (after their polite disinterest in the beginning, that is).

I know it's the body that does the healing, the tea just purifies, catalysis and fills in deficiencies...lets it do its job. I wish I could get docs to recommend it to their patients to support medical therapy. If they recommend Ensure and Boost sugar water, why not this? (Because JW isn't lining lots of pockets?).

We did get the endorsement of my mother's cancer center, for a time. When they saw how well my mother was doing, they actually encouraged me to bring samples and tell chemo patients about it. But the very day the patients started laughing and carrying on and talking about family and everything BUT cancer, the nurses hurried for the supervisor and the tea was banned. I could tell people about it, QUIETLY. The patients put their feet back up in their easy chairs and became silently miserable again.  Most stopped drinking the tea, because the message from The Medical Establishment was clear. In fairness, it's not so much the individuals as the system they must work within, but it's still disappointing. We joked about getting banished from chemo for trying to lighten things up: "We'll just sent mum downtown with a sandwich sign that says 'Kicked out of chemo' on the front, and on the back "Will work for Jason Winters Tea.' "

Anyway, you surely hear miracle stories all the time, but this is new to us. We have been spreading the word quite a bit, and there are many others in the works. Like a 4-year-old boy who for a year failed every medical therapy for a highly resistant leukemia (including marrow transplant, platelet transfusions, chemo and experimental drugs that gave him screaming nightmares), but got out of his death bed and started running around and playing, had a normal blood count (white cells from 45,000 down to 14,000) and was learning to wind surf after 3 days of tea (not "cured" yet, but doing better every day). Anyone who finds this hard to swallow should imagine witnessing it themselves. It's still hard for us to believe, but there it is.

One more that might actually surprise you. Three months ago I took home a stray cat who was starving and clearly dying, turned out to have feline leukemia. I decided to make his last days comfortable. My daughter said, "Why not try the tea?" Didn't know what it would do in a cat's system, but what did we have to lose? So I made homemade cat food with the tea. "Parker" has gone from all bones, hair falling out, third eyelid showing, every lymph node grotesquely swollen, unable to stand up, in fact...to apparently perfect, robust health. Every day he shows me how much he is improving by how many stair steps he can clear (you would swear he knew what he was doing). Today, three months later, he cleared six steps in one leap and climbed a tree. I'm planning to have him tested again for leukemia soon. If he is negative, you will be the first to know!

Our network of tea drinking survivors is growing daily. One young lady I work with is planning to fly it to her father in Cameroon, who is suffering from prostate cancer. We will keep you posted!

God bless you all, and our deepest, most heartfelt thanks. You are permanently in our prayers.

Sandy McConvilleBoyers, PA, USA

Donna Willett

In early 2002, a dear friend and work associate was diagnosed with cancer for a second time in 12 months. The cancer had gone into remission after a change in lifestyle after the first diagnosis. Once the diagnosis hit home, some serious changes were required and a plan was put into action. A part of the plan, or rather a key element of the plan, was Sir Jason Winters Tea - the original herbal blend.

Accompanied by an intensive juice diet and a stress reducing plan, the cancer was eliminated within 3 weeks - there were no traces remaining. One of the other exciting results of the plan was that at the end of the three weeks (yes! only three weeks - we all still find that amazing) Kerri's hair, skin, eyes and general appearance was the best it had been for years - she looked fantastic! She was radiant! The plan continues and Sir Jason Winters tea is always at hand. Kerri continues to look gorgeous and feel great. She also continues to run her business. She is a vibrant and awesome woman!

Having heard the story, my partner and I tracked down Sir Jason Winters Tea and have added it to our lifestyle. We love the taste - it's refreshing, soothing and clean. You can feel the tea working on balancing your body - it's truly amazing. In addition to enjoying the health benefits of Sir Jason Winters Tea, we regularly recommend it to others. I told my sister about your products and how brilliant they are for everyday use. Sir Jason Winters Tea is not just for people suffering with chronic illness. Making Sir Jason Winters Tea part of your life - part of every day - I feel that you reduce the chances of ever contracting a serious illness. You optimize your health based on all else that your lifestyle comprises.

Thank you for all that you do for all the people who have been introduced to your products. It is very inspirational and a pleasure to be able to share it with others and more people need to know about your services and the information you provide.

I look forward to growing and continuing my association with you and your products for a very long time.

A Story Of Hope From Debra L. In Oakland, Oregon.

Debra recently sent us a letter stating how happy she was to finally thank Sir Jason Winters. She told us her step father's daughter Gwen, who was just a little girl back in the 80's, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a very short time to live. She had gone through all the usual avenues for help (such as chemotherapy) and test after test she had lost all of her beautiful hair and had to wear a wig to school. The doctors had removed all her re-productive organs, as they were infested with cancer. She now had no opportunity to give birth when she grew up and married, but she still had cancer. The doctors had completely given up and told her to prepare to die. Not an easy thing for anyone to accept, especially a young girl.

A few years prior to this, Debra and her natural mother and father had been drinking the Jason Winters Classic Blend Tea for years, simply because it tasted great and it was good for them. All of them had also read Sir Jason's book, Killing Cancer. When Gwen became ill, they told her father Felix of Sir Jason's personal story.

By this point, Felix had nearly given up all hope, as the doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do. Still, his little girl went in regularly for her chemotherapy. Felix agreed to have Gwen try the Jason Winters Tea & Colon Cleanser. This was done faithfully & within a short period of time the cancer was completely GONE !!!

None of the doctors understood this and to this day they call little Gwen a miracle. Debra ended her letter by saying,"It has been several years now & Gwen is still Cancer-Free. I never got the chance to thank you Sir Jason. We still drink the tea to this day and always will!"

Paul Macomber, Date: 10/26/2011, Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for sending out the tea. It’s for a friend who is battling breast cancer.  I tell everyone I can about your tea because I believe it really does save lives.  I know it doesn't work for everyone. Not sure if I ever told you or not; my brother and his wife had a friend 6-7 years ago who had an inoperable brain tumor, went to all the best doctors and hospitals in New England, went through chemo etc. and finally was told there was no hope left that she needed to get her house in order because she had less than a year to live. She was early forties, married with two kids. My brother and sister in-law sent her six months supply of your tea and after drinking it for a few months was feeling better, went back to her doctors and had another scan and tumor had shrunk to half it’s size. They couldn't believe it, some months later back again and completely gone. She’s fine today from what I understand. It’s good work you’re doing!!!

I would love to have a conversation some day on the phone and share my story with you about Ruth Montgomery and how we first heard of your dad and the tea in one of Ruth’s books. It’s a bit unbelievable, but truth is often stranger than fiction. I think we’re supposed to work together somewhere down the road in the not too distant future for the greater good of the world. More on that another time.  Thanks for continuing to move your Dad’s amazing contribution to the world forward!  It looks like you are taking it many steps further, so congratulation on your success!

Name: Linda Doyle. Location: Lakeland, TN

Product Comments: My aunt was diagnosed with bone cancer 15 years ago, and given 6 months to live. She was diagnosed at Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston. It had spread to hips & legs. She came home & started drinking 1 quart of your tea every day. . Sixty days later when she went for a check-up, there was no sign of cancer. The dr told her that whatever she had been doing, to keep it up. She never had any sign of cancer again. I know it isn't a medicinal cure, but it DID work for her. My mother now has pancreatic cancer, & I ordered it for her.I need it ASAP. I hope it helps her, even if it just extends her life as much as possible. Thank you so much, Linda Doyle.
Name: Ramona Ellen King, Location: Kansas City, Missouri, Date: Monday, December 8, 2008, 8:04 PM
Product Comments:  I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the throat 17 years ago at age 39.  I was NOT a smoker and had not had a drink of alcohol for about 13 years at the time.  Needless to say, it was a shocking and devastating diagnosis.  A few days later, I found myself in the health food store, and a book fell off the shelf on my foot.  It was Jason Winters' Killing Cancer. As they say, the rest is history.  I am still alive, mainly due to Jason Winters Tea (the only one available at the time) and the great inspiration and guidance from Sir Jason Winters himself.  I would not be alive and writing this message if it were not for you!  Thank you and God Bless You.

Name = Karen Carpenter, Location = Portland, Oregon
Product Comments = roughly twenty years ago, I was very ill, and doctors gave up on me. I found out about Mr. Winters and his tea through a book I had read where the author interviewed him. I tracked down a woman who used to live at the address mentioned in the book, and then after some effort, located his original tea. I bought it, and I must say, enjoyed splendid results.  His original tea is largely responsible for the reason I am still alive now. I am sorry to hear of his passing, but am confident his son Raymond will carry on in his stead to help people.
Name = Angel Hughes, Location = Ocala, FL
Product Comments = My 46 year old brother whom I love so dearly was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was immediately started on treatments. Our family was devastated and I immediately searched every web site available reading up on everything related to this cancer.  A year before I had remembered hearing your story on the radio so I looked it up and was encouraged.  I ordered 2 of your products and had them mailed to my brother's residence. Also, due to his immune system being low he developed a severe case of cellulitis and was hospitalized. He was very skeptical and would not try your product but I was persistent and encouraged him it couldn't hurt to try your product. He drank the tea faithfully. His energy level was more back to normal and his spirits remained good.  He is now in full remission and doing so very well.  Also...One of my close friends was  recently diagnosed with rectal cancer.  Per her doctor she would go through intense chemo and radiation treatments, have surgery and would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.  Her diagnosis was not good. So I had to tell her about your products in which
she ordered. She took your products faithfully.  The doctors told her after her surgery she would be in the Intensive Care Unit for at least 2-3 days.  But 1 hour after her surgery she was in a regular private room with lots of visitors and was released in only 3 days. She also does not have to wear a colostomy bag.  I have faith in 3 things..
First -  GOD
Second - Jason Winters products
Third -  Good doctors.
Name = sandramcconville, Location = boyers, PA, U.S.A.
Product Comments = Thank you and bless you for discovering this blend and making it available to others. Three people in my life -- my mother, my friend's mother and the 4-year-old son of a friend -- all diagnosed with terminal cancer -- are all vibrantly healthy and symptom-free after many, many months, and they all started out (after beginning the tea and better diet) with beautiful blood work that shocked their doctors. Everyone to whom I have given JW Tea has reported dramatic benefits. It has become a staple for many in my circle. I look forward to the day when JW Tea replaces sugar, white flour and altered oils on everyone's shopping list.
Name = Brendan Daly, Location = Sydney Australia
Product Comments = My 75 year old grandfather has been a sufferer of sun spots (cancerous), for at least the last 20 years. There was much concern in the last couple of years over a large melanoma on his nose, which could only be treated by partial removal of the nose, causing major damage to the face.  After not seeing him for 6 months or so, I arrived at Christmas lunch last year to see a more youthful, energetic and all-round healthy guy, who displayed to me (what I thought) was an expensive reconstructive plastic surgery job on his face after the removal of "half a nose". He then proceeded to preach the amazing healing properties of Sir Jason Winter's Tea, not only in the complete restoration of his nose, but also his forearms, previously scarred with sunspots from a youth spent at Bondi Beach unprotected had cleared up as well. His asthma medication hadn't been used for a few months, and various other antibiotics would stay on the shelf indefinitely thanks to a super-boosted immune system.
Name = Nancy SanAngelo, Location = Oakville, Ct. 06779
Product Comments = I'm so glad a friend introduced me to this tea. I originally bought it for my brother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He somewhat of cynic so he wasn't real receptive to the tea at first...until after drinking the tea for a month & had to go for blood work & his Dr. couldn't believe the change in his blood. While on chemo, he was losing weight at first....& in the last month gained 7lbs. The tumor hasn't spread or gotten any larger. My brother was so convinced it was the tea that when he ran out of it he started to panic. I love the tea & I had plenty to bring to him. Thank you so much......Nancy
Name = Vincent S. Location = US Virgin Island
Product Comments = I was diagnosed recently with some blood disorder that resulted in terrible itching for months that drugs failed to cure. I had two cans of Jason Winters Tea sitting for about a year without using it. I was told my friend to try it. Within a few days the itching slowed and after week all itching stopped without the use of drugs.
From that day forward I started drinking the tea daily. I am now re-ordering as I used up my supply of tea once I found out its blood purifying properties and overall wellness. Unbelievable curing properties and pleasant taste. I suffered needlessly. I had the cure all along. I just had to use it. Thanks for bringing this product to the market.
Name = Tonya Merrick, Location = Nashville
Product Comments = I use to be an herbalist and one day the bell on the shop door rang to tell me someone needed help. This lady had Lupus. Her hair was falling out, she could not walk easily and she was ready to throw all of her medication away. I said don't throw your meds away yet. Obviously this lady was very depressed. So I had my trusty herbal bible at the time as I had never had any experience with Lupus. The herbal book was not giving me anything that would help. So I sold her some herbal vitamin supplements and the Jason Winters tea. The lady came back I swear 2 months later hair was returning her skin was aglow with health and she was walking with a new skip in her step. She hugged me said thank you. But I was not responsible for her healing. Jason Winters Tea was. Now for another turn of events I now have Lupus myself and I have just bought a supply of the teas. Thank you Jason Winters
Name = Leo J. Location = Miami, Florida
Product Comments = I have done a testimonial in the past in regards to the JW 5 oz. tea. I wanted to update the information. About 12 years ago, after over 17 years of illness, I was diagnosed with Bechet's Disease; with very severe and painful inflammation in different areas of the body. Especially serious was the retinitis and chronic iritis in the right eye sever inflammation which is blinding). It has been two years on JW tea, and I must say that for the first time in over 30 years, I am totally free of symptoms of Bechet's. Please publish this testimonial on your web for humane reasons; for the sake of anyone with this disorder. I can't thank Sir Jason Winters enough for
what his tea has done for me!
Name = Hedy K. Location = Mesa, Arizona
Product Comments = I have been plagued with seasonal allergies for years, and living in Arizona with two blooming seasons, it usually turns into a severe upper respiratory infection.  This is the first year I've used the SJW Tea.  I drink 4 cups of tea a day and the allergies have disappeared.  I no longer have to be prescribed medication for the allergies and I'm very happy with the results.  Thank you, SJW!
Name: Robin Stefko, Location: Marion, IL
Hello, My name is Robin Stefko. I have been familiar with Jason Winters products for over 10 years. They are the BEST!! About 8 years ago my Father-in-law had a very aggressive brain tumor. It was removed once and grew back in 3 months, the doctors said he would not live more than 6 months. I had heard about the powerful ingredients in the JW tea including chaparral. I convinced my mother-in-law to have him drink as much as possible. He was on chemo and radiation, but even with that the doctors said he probably would not live past the six months. She gave him the tea on a regular basis for about a year. It is 8 years later and he is still alive with NO brain tumors. The cancer has stayed in remission all this time. I really believe it was the tea that helped. I think it is a great testimony to the product. I don't think a soul should be without them.
Name: EdreaJeffs
Last summer my husband and I began drinking the Jason Winters original tea 3 x's a day. My husband suffers from dermatitis, and has very bad purplish areas on his skin that itches and causes him discomfort. I would not let him go into pools or Jacuzzis with me for fear it would frighten others with the appearance of his skin. It is not contagious.  After two months of drinking the tea, I could barely see where the skin was discolored. He stopped drinking the tea for a month and a half and the spots have started to appear again, but not on the leg that was the worst part. We will never stop drinking this tea and I can see there was a direct link to this skin problem. By the way, he has had the condition ever since we married 15 years ago.
Name: Edrea J. Location: Austin, Texas, Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea
Product Comments: I live in the allergy capital of the country and suffer from the effects of allergies of all sorts. Since drinking therefore a short time (2 months I think) I have not taken my allergy medication and  have had almost no discomfort from allergies. We've had more rain this summer than I've experience in the 81/2 years I've lived in Austin, Texas. When it rains the mould count becomes quite high and it has been high all summer due to the unusual rain we've had. High mould count such as we had in May and June causes me to wheeze and I have to sleep in a recliner because I can't breathe. I have had no difficulty breathing at night whatsoever since taking the tea and the Chlorophyll.  In addition, my husband suffers from dermatitis, which is especially ugly on his legs. This condition is hardly noticeable now except in one little section. It is amazing to us considering the short period we've been drinking the tea. He has tried ointments prescribed by the doctor to no avail. Thank you for this wonderful product.
Name: Joan S. P. Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida, Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea
Product Comments: I am recovering from breast cancer and chemotherapy.  My blood counts were horrible until I started drinking Jason Winters’Tea.  My counts are back up where they were before my chemo treatments. Thanks Jason!
Name: Younghwan K. Location: Daegu,Korea
Product Comments: Hi, 3 years ago. My niece had ovarian cancer which was very big and ugly and was removed by operation with right ovary. Just after operation I provided her with JWclassic tea about 20 can. After operation, she was not given any radiation or chemotherapy but now she has had any other sign of the cancer. That's a kind of miracle, I think!!! Now she has a good time as a junior of college. What do you think that result come from?
Name: Renee E, Location: Aurora, Colorado, Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea
Product Comments: My mother has a cancer/tumor on her liver. I  have seen a program on T.V. about Jason Winters and the tea. I purchased it for my mother, she has taken it for 6 days now. She had these ugly varicose veins (spiders) that she would not wear shorts (considered a $4,000 operation to correct the veins). Since the tea in only 6 days the veins are almost gone- her legs look young. She is so excited that if anything she'll drink the tea for the veins alone! She has more energy, she says her nails look great! We're excited!
Name: Ted G, Location: Loveland, Product: The Classic Blend 5 oz. Tea
Product Comments: I bought your tea for my father when he had cancer and about 2 months of using the tea the doctor asked if he was taking medication other than what they were giving him as his tumor shrank and his liver cleared up. I have told everyone I meet about your product when I hear cancer is in their life.